Who Are We?

KJO is a specialist paddlesport coaching and holiday provider, whose direction is aligned with the needs of our customers. We are at the forefront of the paddlesport, leading the way with coaching and holiday experiences. Our expertise provides services of the highest quality to recreational and competitive paddlers, the BCU and government lead initiatives.

What Do We Do?

Every coaching session provided by KJO offers a unique and personal experience. Something to stimulate, motivate and improve, something to supply reasons, answers and a way forwards something special, something for everyone.

How do we think?

Weíre not woolly weirdoís and this is going to sound that way so look out here it comes, we want to make you happy in your boating. We strive to have a business that offers you solutions and allows you to get as much out of our sport as we have. That means we have to work in an enlightened way, where we constantly evolve ideas and look in unusual places for insight.

Whilst we are thinking of you and enjoying your enjoyment we want to feel stimulated and challenged by our activity, to continually learn and have fun.

Every day Ė lots of smiles, lots of laughing and lots of learning.

Who's in the coaching team?

Itís amongst the most prolific paddlesports coaching teams in the world thatís full of new and old experiences. Each and every member has been selected as they understand the simple yet often misunderstood rules of itís not just what you coach, itís how you coach it. That means youíll find a coach with loads to offer and open to learning from every aspect of your canoeing experience.

As a team regular meetings and updates ensure we have the tools to work to achieve our mission

Fast Facts

  • We have over 90% rebook rate.
  • Our coaches are trained and qualified to National Governing Body standards in their disciplines.
  • We have worked with and trained many world champions.
  • Every School that has used us continues to use us.
  • Every coaching session offered by Kayakojacko is lesson planned and our lesson plans undergo continued evaluation ensuring all of our coach’s use the most up to date and effective methods.
  • Year on year Kayakojacko has double it’s workload

Leading Through Quality

KJO design and deliver services that lead the paddlesport industry, providing services of the highest quality to our customers, the BCU and government initiatives. We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and aim to provide the optimum learning environment. Our company ethos is one of continuous improvement and life long learning;

  • Continuous improvement - Our development strategy is based on a philosophy of continuous improvement; we strive to find new and innovative ways of improving our services.
  • Quality assurance - Dedication to setting goals and commitment to accountability forms a strong foundation for high-quality, innovative delivery.
  • Optimising the learning environment - Our coaches create deliberate and spontaneous opportunities to accelerate the learning that impacts our client’s performance.
  • Investors in expertise - KJO has a long-term development strategy that is founded on sound investment in knowledge and expertise. This ensures a high level of coach performance and the future success of the company.
  • Interactive team approach - KJO is a dynamic team-based organisation. Our team is committed to building knowledge and sharing that knowledge with our clients.
  • Sharing success - At KJO we share success with the team being able to feedback on techniques, ideas and events during coaching. This information then gets passed on to any clients we work with.
  • An asset to paddle sport - We contribute to the wider paddle sport community by sharing our information, providing community events and advising national governing bodies towards developments.